About Us


At SMART KIDS, our school motto is ``Engage, Think, and Learn.``


We believe that in order to learn our students need to be engaged and encouraged to think critically and open their target language.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality education for the youth of tomorrow as an educational institute with a truly international scope. We bring together tried and tested teaching techniques and groundbreaking educational research from around the world to produce the most capable engaged and thoughtful students possible.

With a teaching approach dedicated more to comprehension than memorization at SMART KIDS, it is not about workbooks and how many words a student can read in a minute but instead about engaging in material and truly understanding it. SMART KIDS has the highest rate of understanding and communicating of the English language in all of China and this can be credited to our truly unique approach to teaching. We ensure teachers are constantly interacting with students through games and speech to not only build better English speakers but also better people.