Earn Money and Have Fun Teaching English

At Smart Kids China, our unique approach to teaching English is so effective that we are the fastest growing ESL program in the country!


With three Kindergarten locations across Beijing (and expanding) we are excited to continue to grow and inspire our students to benefit themselves and their community.

Why Work For SMART KIDS China?


Smart Kids China is an established educational institution that is trusted by parents, students and employees to provide a safe place for everyone to learn and grow. We actively foster a friendly, inclusive teacher community with regular social outings and group trips.


Working at Smart Kids has the potential to be a life-changing adventure, so apply today and get started!


What Our Teachers Say:

``The staff at Smart Kids helped make the move to China as stress-free as possible. They provided great training and my job is so much fun! The kids are so cute and it's amazing to see how fast they learn english. I definitely recommend working here.

Ciaran F

``I've made so many friends and am learning a new language, which is a lot of fun. All the other teachers welcomed me straight away and we've made lots of trips together, not just in China but I've also had the chance to visit Thailand and South Korea! The job itself is a lot of fun, the kids get to know you quickly and you get to teach through playing and having fun.

Mark G

Working in China for the past 2 years at SMART KIDS has been one of the best experiences of my life. I've had so much fun with all the other teachers, traveling around and learning Chinese. I love working here and I'm sure you will too!


What are you waiting for? Apply today!

It’s easy to apply – send a CV and 30 second video telling us why you’d make a great english teacher at SMART KIDS China.